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Let’s Talk Turkey!
We rear our slow growing breeds of premium bronze turkey poults from the day they are hatched, so we know they’ve been well cared for right from the start, and allow them to grow naturally to full maturity on a cereal based diet with no additives, no antibiotics and no nasty growth promoters! As soon as they are old enough, they are allowed access to the fields and hedgerows where they roam and forage happily as nature intended. Whenever they want to, they come home to our large and airy barns with beds of soft fresh straw where they can be safe from bad weather and where we can protect them from any night-time predators.

When the time comes, each turkey is dry plucked by hand. This takes much more time than modern methods but it’s worth it for the difference it makes to the eventual taste. Each bird is then hung for at least seven days in a temperature-controlled environment to allow the mature gamey flavours of the bird to really develop. And my, how those flavours develop: juicy, tender, flavourful meat with skin that browns and crisps beautifully. Yummy!

When you know how our turkeys are raised, it’s not surprising that we are the only people in Gloucestershire (and one of only 50 in the British Isles!), who qualify to be members of the Traditional Farmfresh Turkey Association. We are sure that turkeys raised the traditional way means that we’ll be proud to sell one to you and you’ll be proud to serve it to your loved ones.

Take an intensively reared and a naturally reared turkey and you have two birds that have
little more in common than their name. Traditional poulterers grow turkeys slowly on a
cereal diet, with no fish or animal protein or growth promoters. Young turkeys like access
to the outdoors, but protection from bad weather. They enjoy grubbing about and are
especially fond of nettles. Good feed is very evident in the meat, which will have a stronger,
savoury flavour. Fast-grown, intensively reared birds suffer stress from overcrowding
and their bones are not strong enough to take their vast weight.
Rose Prince, Food Writer, Daily Telegraph

Delia © Patrina Tinslay


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