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Tastes just like turkeys used to…naturally!
In our modern world, too much emphasis is placed on speedy results and the low-cost, large-scale production of turkeys - regardless of the impact on animal welfare, the environment, or your taste buds. Not at Hart’s Traditional Turkeys!

We raise our limited number of premium free range turkeys with love and care in the traditional way on our beautiful Gloucestershire farm, which is why we can say with absolute conviction that a Hart’s turkey is just like turkey used to be:
succulent, full of flavour and very, very tasty!

In the same way that white bread became a fashionable refinement, so did the white turkey. Demand prompted mass production and intensive rearing, which in turn meant that the turkeys were fattened too fast on unsuitable food and were not hung properly. The result was sliced white turkey with about a much character and flavour as a factory baked loaf.
The good news is that of late we have seen a revival of interest in flavour and – more important – breeders who are prepared to return to the traditional methods of rearing…. So there’s hope. And in the end perhaps the answer lies with us, the shoppers, who should insist on flavoursome turkey. If what you have is an intensively reared, unmatured bird there is not a lot you can add in the cooking. Delia Smith

Delia © Patrina Tinslay


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