It’s the way we raise them.


Because the welfare of our turkeys is paramount, we raise them ourselves from the day they hatch.

We buy day old slow growing breeds of premium bronze turkey poults. From the moment they arrive on our smallholding they receive extraordinary amounts of love and care.  This includes what we feed them, how we house them and how we handle them.

We devote this much energy to our turkeys because we care deeply about animal welfare, we enjoy what we do and we know happy, healthy turkeys create the most delicious, juicy and tender meat.

We’re members of the Traditional Farmfresh Turkey Association (TFTA) – one of only two members in Gloucestershire and one of around 30 members nationwide.  As such we’re committed to their Quality Assurance Code and Guarantee.

What we feed our turkeys
We feed our turkeys a natural diet that is at least 70% cereals, some of which are grown locally. They have no animal protein, antibiotics, growth promoters or other additives. This means the birds grow slowly, as nature intended, and mature perfectly in time for Christmas.
Where we house our turkeys

Our turkeys are free range. This means they are free to roam and forage in our fields and hedgerows. However, they do have large and airy barns they can return to whenever they choose that protect them from bad weather and night-time predators.

We use fresh straw and wood shavings as bedding. When the turkeys first arrive on the farm they are too small and vulnerable to go outside. So for their first few weeks we house them in the barns in special rings lined with corrugated cardboard and an extra layer of biodegradable paper as bedding. This is because straw and shavings can be harmful to young birds if eaten. We did say we take the welfare of our birds seriously!

How we prepare our turkeys

We prepare our turkeys on the farm and dry pluck them entirely by hand. Dry plucking is a traditional skill which is fast disappearing and which we’re happy to help preserve. We choose to do it because it protects the birds’ skin and helps them to cook perfectly. The way mass produced birds are processed can tear and bruise their skin.

When plucked the birds are hung for at least seven days to dry-age at a steady temperature of between 2ºC and 4ºC.  This allows the meat to mature while the natural gamey flavours, unique to a Traditional Farmfresh Turkey, develop.

Because we’re committed to the welfare of our birds throughout their lives, we’re members of the Humane Slaughter Association (HSA). The HSA is a world renowned and highly respected organisation that for more than 100 years has worked to improve standards and bring practical and lasting improvements to the welfare of food animals around the world.

Everything we do means our birds have happy, healthy lives. And you have a juicy, tender, flavourful turkey with skin that browns and crisps beautifully. Delicious! The perfect centrepiece for your Christmas meal.

What is a Traditional Farmfresh Turkey?

One factor which can make all the difference to the flavour and texture of a turkey is when it has been dry-plucked and matured.  This is the process we use and is known as Traditional Farmfresh.

Turkeys produced by members of the Traditional Farmfresh Turkey Association were the first product in the UK to gain recognition from the EU that they are produced according to a traditional method. This means TFTA members can display the Traditional Speciality Guaranteed Logo.

This sets us aside from other turkey producers. We not only have to meet the TFTA’s Quality Assurance Code, but must continue to comply with the EU Regulation.

TFTA turkeys are only sold directly from the producer at the farm gate or online, through farm shops and quality butchers. So you won’t find them in your local supermarket.

Another good reason to order your Hart’s Traditional Turkey today.

Our guarantee to you

As you can see we take exceptional care of our turkeys.  But you don’t just have to take our word for it. In addition to our TFTA membership, we have the highest possible food hygiene rating and, of course, comply with all the relevant Environmental Health Regulations.

All of this means we’re happy to supply each of our turkeys with a money back guarantee. Although, we’re proud to say, we haven’t been asked to give a refund yet.

The best turkey I have ever eaten – bar none!

Pennie Tilston